FAQ regarding treatment of Ash trees

What will happen if I do nothing? 

Eventually all untreated Ash trees will die.

If my Ash trees are already infested, can they be saved?

Yes, in many cases. If the tree has less than 40% thinning evident in the upper part of the canopy, it most likely can be saved with treatment.

Am I just delaying the inevitable death of my Ash trees?

No – the insect is expected to move through the Western NY area over the next 8-12 years. Studies have shown that trees are 100% protected for 2 years with the TREE-äge product, and in many cases 3-4 years. This means you can protect your Ash trees from this pest with most likely 3 treatments over the course of the cycle.

Can my Ash trees already be infested without showing signs?

Absolutely! A tree can be infested for 2-3 years before showing signs in the upper canopy. The tree may still be savable with treatment, but this is not the ideal method, as the tree will be struggling to recover from the damage.

What if I treat my Ash trees, but my neighbors don’t treat theirs?

Your trees will be protected! Tell your neighbors! Their trees contribute to beautifying the whole neighborhood.